Our Students


About our Students



99% are from Japan
70% of our students are Female
70% are University / College students



The length of stays vary per student, it can be anywhere from
short term ( 1 week ) to
long term ( 1 Year ).
The average is 2-3 months.


Short Term
students are throughout the year, but we see a rise in during spring break (Feb – Mar), and summer break (Jun-Sept) for high schools and college/universities.

Long Term
students are also throughout the year, but we see more after the Japanese academic school year in March and April, and also a rise in November when flights are a little less expensive.

ESL School

of our students will be attending ESL schools in Downtown Vancouver.

Long Term 
students will attend a ESL School for a few months, then transfer to a vocational school, for a certification or diploma.

Students with a Work Permit
will go to an ESL school on average 3-6 months, then work for the remainder of their 1 year Working Holiday visa.



Prior to the student's arrival


Orientation in Japan

The agencies we are partnered with in Japan,
prepare the students prior to their study abroad.

Conversational ESL

Most agencies in Japan will provide
free basic conversational English classes

Day Of Arrival


Airport Pickup

We pick up the students from the airport,
drive them to our office in Downtown Vancouver for an orientation.


We provide an orientation on living in Vancouver on day 1.
Subjects such as taking public transportation, homestay rules and expectations, and other subjects, as well as a Q&A session.


Homestay Dropoff

An English & Japanese speaking driver will drop off the student,
go over the basic layout and rules of your home, with you and the student.

Dinner with Host Family

The students will probably be tired from their travels, but they will be hungry. A dinner and conversation with the family is a must for their first day.

What our Students are provided with

Every one of our students is provided with a package to help assist their living in Vancouver.

A Japanese Map of Vancouver

A Map of Downtown Vancouver in Japanese with points of interests and the location of our support office.


We have created a guidebook for the students in house. It is updated regularly and consists of topics such as; Public Transportation, Homestay, Safety, Do’s and Don’ts, Finance, common English phrases, etc.

Map to/from school

A map created for each individual student from their homestay to their school. We always choose the safest route for the student.

Membership Card

Our membership card has the student’s name, arrival/departure dates,  our office address and hours of operation, phone number, email and our 24 hour emergency contact number.

Medical Translator

We have made a strategic partnership with TransMed Canada, a certified medical translation company, for all our medical translations, from common colds and symptoms to medical emergencies. Majority of the time the medical translator will do all the paper work for the medical insurance claims, which leaves the students free from paperwork, and payments.

Compass Card

We provide the students with a compass card on day one, so they can get to school without worrying about how to pay and how much to pay. Just Tap and Go!


Homestay Rules & Agreement

All students are provided with Homestay Rules and Agreements in Japanese and English

School Information

Everything the student needs to know about their first day of school

Rules for Minors

Rules are different for minors;
curfews, activities, and other things a minor can or cannot do… They should know what is and what isn’t allowed in Canada.