About Our Students

All of our students come from Japan. The agencies we work with, provide us with information about the students before their arrival

Canada Homestay Organization

With over 30 years of placement experience and all of our staff have experience as a homestay student.

Real Reviews

  • positive review  Canada homestay is a wonderful and organized company...love to talk to the staff

    Patricia Chopra Avatar Patricia Chopra
    July 6, 2017

    positive review  I've been hosting International students for 8 years now and had a great experience so far, thanks for the staffs who are very kind and truly give their best in what they are doing.

    Jackie Cristobal Castillo Avatar Jackie Cristobal Castillo
    July 2, 2018

    positive review  Been hosting with Canada homestay and coordinators were extremely friendly , the students were nice and such a joy to have in the family.

    Mercy Herdz Avatar Mercy Herdz
    July 9, 2017
  • positive review  I'm having a relationship with Canadian Homestay Organization for 17 years and i'm very satisfied with them. they are very professional and very friendly. I'm recommend to all my friends.

    Hyunjin Jennifer Kim Avatar Hyunjin Jennifer Kim
    July 6, 2017

    positive review  Great Organization. We have been hosting students for 2 years and it's been a great experience for our family.

    Aman Dial-Azad Avatar Aman Dial-Azad
    August 15, 2018

    positive review  I’ve been hosting international students from canada homestay since then they are always giving me a very nice and friendly student and they are like family to me and I’m always happy to talk to them and all the staff are very nice and friendly and I’m glad that i’ve been with them? Thank you Canada Homestay and staff?

    Edith Madjus-Ferry Avatar Edith Madjus-Ferry
    August 22, 2018
  • negative review  I highly recommend this company because staffs are very friendly,helpful. Students are good as well. So far they haven't disappointed me.

    Karma Tashi Sherpa Avatar Karma Tashi Sherpa
    July 7, 2017

    positive review  I've been hosting students from Canada Homestay for over 5 years now.my rooms are constantly booked.the staff are very friendly and accomodating.my family and i are enjoying hosting students from all around the world through ilac as we get the chance to learn more of their culture...give it a try to host students from ilac.

    Julie Rex Avatar Julie Rex
    July 3, 2018

    positive review  I have been a homestay host family for 16 years and have dealt with different agencies over the years. I like working with Canada Homestay Organization the most. They are well organized and support their students as well as the hosts all the way.

    Rhia Cruz Avatar Rhia Cruz
    July 12, 2017
  • negative review  Nice home stay.

    Evelyn Palma Elizarde Avatar Evelyn Palma Elizarde
    July 1, 2018

    It is a very hospitable organization and very caring of their students!

    Lakay Etong Paulin Avatar Lakay Etong Paulin
    July 1, 2018

    positive review  We have been hosting for several years now. My boys have really enjoyed the experiences. Created many great memories and are still in contact with some students!

    Jasmine Poirier Avatar Jasmine Poirier
    August 4, 2017
  • We've been hosting with Canada Homestay for years and every one of our students has become part of our family. The agents are so friendly and so organized. I feel each student is very well taken care of and supported by the agency!

    Therese Brual Avatar Therese Brual
    September 1, 2017

    positive review  My husband and have worked with Canada Homestay for over a year and have really enjoyed our experience. The staff at the office are very helpful and always willing to help in any way.

    Marnie Nash Da Rosa Avatar Marnie Nash Da Rosa
    August 16, 2017

    positive review  CMO is a great company to deal with. Organize and efficient. And they are easy to talk toH

    Rosario Ong Avatar Rosario Ong
    July 10, 2017
  • positive review  We started hosting for Canada Homestay this year and are very happy with the organization and the students they have referred to us. We have many years of experience and based on that, we would say that Canada Homestay is one of the most well run and efficient agencies we have dealt with. From my interactions with the staff, I can tell they take a very active interest in the students to ensure they will have a safe and enjoyable homestay experience. As a host, I am very happy with the promptness of their payables and the communication I receive from their office. This is a very good agency to work with.

    Mo Tym Avatar Mo Tym
    July 7, 2017

    positive review  I started hosting for Canada Homestay since last year. We have been hosted for different Japan students. Canada Homestay is a solid bridge connecting between Japan students and homestay families. They are organized and created a learning opportunity to exchange different cultures and languages. it is great.

    Moon Chan Avatar Moon Chan
    July 12, 2017

    positive review  Canada Homestay is well organized. We have received many great students over the years and looking forward to continuing working together for years to come.

    Larry Chow Avatar Larry Chow
    May 9, 2017
  • positive review  It has been one year since we have been hosting Canada Homestay. I have found the staff and their students are friendly, nice and generous. I love Canada Homestay.

    Yolly Dimalanta Avatar Yolly Dimalanta
    July 20, 2017

    Highly recommended!The Canada Homestay Org. Staff are courteous,friendly,knowledgeable and efficient. The Homestay students are well mannered,respectful,organized,readily complies with our rules to maintain proper homestay athmosphere in my Home.They are well guided with proper orientation by the Canada Homestay Organization before bringing to Homestay Host.All in All,I'm very satisfied for your Agency are well organized and high standard of established policies for Host n the Guest.Diversity of culture is not a barrier but a special rapport of proper respect to Host and Guest built n proved to be a true professional within all aspects of stay in a Homestay!.Thank you for trusting me for 2 years to take care of your students.Keep up the good work-Canada Homestay Org.!!

    Esperanza Ricardo Lagdan Avatar Esperanza Ricardo Lagdan
    July 6, 2017