Why CHO?

Why choose Canada Homestay Organization?

Canada Homestay Organization is a division of Canascent Enterprises Ltd.

We are responsible for the well being of thousands of students while they stay, study or work in Canada.

The majority (99.9%) of our students are from our agents in Japan. These students are briefed in an orientation prior to their travel to about culture, lifestyle, currency outside of Japan as well as other information prior to their departure to Canada.

Upon arrival, we will take the students to our downtown office and have an orientation. Majority of the Homestay Agencies do not have an orientation for their students, and if they do, they are done in the loud, congested and busy airport. We believe the students are tired after 8+ hours of a long flight, so we take them out side for a fresh breath of air, a small tour to downtown and the locations of their schools.  Because of these orientations, the students are well prepared for their new life in your home; knowing what to expect and what the culture differences are. Our English and Japanese speaking driver will go over a simple list of things to check at the homestay and go over your house rules with the student. All the little things will add up for the BEST EXPERIENCE for you, your family and the students.

Aside from this, there are plenty of other reasons to choose us over the other agencies.


  • students are provided with a 24 hour Emergancy (Japanese/English) support line answered by one of our staff members to assist you or the student.
  • majority of our students have a special “study abroad” travel insurance package, and if any accidents the students and you are covered.
  • We have all the information for the student in case of emergency.
  • All of our staff members have experience as a homestay guest, we are aware of the students needs.
  • We have been in the homestay business since 1986.

Besides these facts, a lot of our families have been with us for many years and have enjoyed their experiences. Because we have been in a long standing relationship with these families, the children who are now grown up are now taking students from us now!