About Canada Homestay

Canada Homestay Organization
A Division of Canascent Enterprises Ltd.

Canada Homestay Organization has over twenty five years of experience in homestay program, and we take pride in the quality of service we provide for our students. A big part of our success has been in the favourable relationships developed with our Canadian host families. Currently, we have families all over Metro Vancouver and surrounding municipalities. It is our hope that putting the students in homestay situations will encourage them to speak English. Hopefully, this practical use of the English language and the relationship they develop with the host family will give them more incentive to study English when they return home. More importantly, the cultural experiences and fond memories will be carried with them for a lifetime. Canada Homestay Organization has an office located in downtown Vancouver, and place students through our affiliate companies overseas. These students are usually over 19 years old and their length of stay will range anywhere from one week to one year. Our role is to introduce the student with the potential homestay family based on the expectations of both the student and the family. The conditions of the stay will vary according to the school that the student will attend and based on the expectations of the student. Canada Homestay Organization will help by facilitating the homestay process.